Blue Leaf

For many companies in the flower and plant sector it is increasingly of interest whether a particular type of packaging Blue Leafis recyclable. Supermarket chains in particular are committed to removing non-recyclable plastic from their stores in the near future. For this reason Broekhof has started with informing customers about the options for recycling flower and plant packaging.

Recycling, gerecycled and FSC
The Broekhof product range of packaging and decoration materials already offers more sustainable options for quite some time, for example with FSC paper. In the new Broekhof catalogue 2019 it’s made even more clear: symbols are used to indicate whether an item is recyclable. There is also an symbol indicating if a particular item is made from recycled material or whether it’s FSC-certified. 

Sustainability index Blue Leaf
Please view the sustainability index for the meaning per symbol and the options you have for recycling our products.