Everything revolves around recycling
There is more and more focus on the sustainability of packaging in the flower sector. Nevertheless, plastic flower sleeves and shrink wrap still often end up in the waste incinerator. That is a shame, because this material has many recycling uses. The CircularBag offers flower processors an efficient and affordable total solution for collecting their flower film in a sustainable way.
Total solution for plastic waste
You can simply collect your flower sleeves and shrink wrap in the CircularBag in any workplace. Your supplier, wholesaler, or exporter takes the filled bags back to Aalsmeer (within Europe). There, Kras Recycling takes care of the recycling and Broekhof turns your plastic waste into new, sustainable flower sleeves (the semi-transparent Recy®sleeves). The CircularBag itself is made of 100% recycled plastic.
For florists and wholesalers
The CircularBag is the ultimate solution for any company in the floriculture sector that unpacks or repackages flowers, or processes them into bouquets. There are two sizes: the 200 litre- ‘florist bag’ and the 400 litre- ‘wholesale bag’. Use the handy standard to keep the bag open and fill it quickly and easily. The standard can be equipped with wheels if desired.
From flower sleeve to Recy®sleeve
We use the plastic waste you return to make our unique Recy®sleeves. This semi-transparent flower sleeve is made of 100% recycled plastic, which is collected at and via the Dutch flower auctions. Recy®sleeves are used primarily for the packaging of mono-bunches and are ideal for the functional protection of flowers during transportation.
Start recycling
Order the CircularBags, standards(s) and wheels from Broekhof and start collecting your used flower film. That way, you reduce your plastic waste, contribute to re-use and make a visible, positive contribution to a better climate.
The CircularBag makes recycling easy:
✔ Easily collect flower film at any workplace.
✔ Give filled bags to your supplier, wholesaler, or exporter.
✔ You thus avoid packaging tax.
✔ Your sleeves and film are guaranteed to be recycled.
✔ You contribute to a circular economy in the floriculture sector.
✔ Participating has a positive effect on the image of your company.

Ask your account manager at Broekhof about the CircularBag and/or the standard, or order them directly from the webshop. Want to know more about the CircularBag? Then read the frequently asked questions on the Circular Plastics website.
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What belongs in the CircularBag?
Inform your employees about what may and may not be placed in the CircularBag. Download the free poster and hang it in the workspace(s). Download here:
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