History | Broekhof


Broekhof  then

Image titleIn 1974 Broekhof Verpakkingen BV was incorporated by Piet Broekhof. A lover of plants and flowers and a downright entrepreneur. The company started small but grew strongly throughout the years. Meanwhile the management has been transferred to son Arjan. 

In the last couple of years the company has successfully focussed on expansion abroad, the innovation of products and the intensification and broadening of the assortment. Up to this very day the business is growing. Since the end of 2018 Broekhof is part of the Royal Paardekooper Group.

Broekhof now

Nowadays Broekhof is a total supplier of added value for flowers Image titleand plants. From our five branches our lorries daily deliver products to customers in the Netherlands and far beyond. Ordered via the web shop or simply by telephone or via email.
It is impossible to imagine the procurement of packaging materials without the Far East. Broekhof anticipates this with branches in Hong Kong and Vietnam. This way we, and our customers, are guaranteed of a considerable offer at a favourable price.

With branches in or near the largest Dutch flower auctions and export centres we are amidst our customers. We know what is going on and work together with our customers on new innovations and developments. In addition we also continue supplying the broad assortment of floristry products. As we have been doing for years.