Innovations, trends & conceptsImage title

For many years innovation has been the keyword for Broekhof. It is impossible to imagine packaging materials for flowers and plants without innovations and trends. That is why Broekhof decided to hire a team designers who work on this fulltime.

Trends in the world

The world around us changes. Trends quickly follow each other. Every year trend watchers explain what the trends in the years to come will be. The design team of Broekhof follows this closely and translates this into new product and packaging trends. This way we can make the future world happy with surprising products. For our sales assortment and especially customised for customers.

Concepts with a story
Every concept at Broekhof has a story. An idea with which our customer adds product value. So a bouquet and plant with a story. This promotes the sales or, from a practical point of view, it helps efficient processing. 

At Broekhof it is not just about a beautiful form. We also offer solutions that make the processing of flowers or plants easier or simpler. We thus realise growth and continuity for our customers. This is also what we call innovative.