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About us

‘’Our mission is to create innovative, consistent added value with packaging and decorative materials for the flower and plant sector. We have been doing this with our professional and loyal personnel for the last 43 years. Even as a young boy, living next door to the company, I spent a lot of time helping with the work. The shed that my father once used when he started selling wrapping paper and foil is long gone.

Now, years later, we are in the process of expanding Broekhof abroad. Besides our production locations in Vietnam and Kenya, Broekhof opened a new branch in Columbia in September 2016. Starting in 2017, we opened a branch in Miami, Florida.

Besides these developments, we will continue to add contemporary products to our assortment. We are currently busy with a new line of compost-degradable packaging, which we plan to introduce in 2017 under the brand name ‘Broekhof Green Leaf’. 

If you have any questions or specific wishes for customised packaging or design, please contact us or stop by to visit our all-new showroom in Aalsmeer. 

We look forward to hearing from you!’’

Arjan Broekhof

Managing Director

Image titleWhat makes me happy? When customers appreciate what we do and the staff enjoy their work!’ Arjan Broekhof

The Broekhof family (from left to right):  Linda and Jan van den Berg, Piet and Mary Broekhof, Arjan Broekhof and Ilse Duivenvoorden.