ECO-FLOWERBAG - An easy way of carrying flowers

From waste to flower bagECO-Flowerbag
The ECO-Flowerbag is a wonderful sustainability initiative. The ECO-Flowerbag is a luxurious carrier bag designed especially for flowers and made from 100% recycled packaging materials, which were collected at the Dutch flower auction. The flower carrier bag is not only easy to use, it also keeps the flowers protected throughout their journey.

- A simple, clever and fun solution, allowing consumers to carry flowers to their destination unharmed.
- The flower bags can be used to replace existing packaging and are suitable for multiple use.
- The bags are made from 100% recycled packaging materials from the ornamental horticulture sector, and represent a great example of closed-loop recycling. 
Royal FloraHolland Greenovation Award winner
The ECO-Flowerbag was the proud recipient of the Greenovation Award in the Best Article category, which is awarded to the best sustainability initiative in the ornamental horticulture sector.

NRK Sustainable Products award winner 
The ECO-Flowerbag won the prestigious NRK Award in the consumer products category as it was the product that best met the demands on sustainability across the four life cycle stages – resources, production, use, and re-use/recycling.

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€ 62,50
price per 50