FSC® (Forestry Stewardship Council)

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With effect from July 2017 Broekhof meets the criteria for stocking items with an FSC certification. Part of Broekhof’s ambition is to be the most sustainable supplier of packaging and decoration materials for the flower and plant sector. FSC certification fits perfectly with that ambition.

Responsibly managed woodland
The FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) guarantees that a wood or paper product originates from a responsibly managed woodland. According to FSC, good forest management means meeting the highest social, environmental and economic standards.

FSC certification means that as a supplier Broekhof can demonstrate that all its business processes meet the FSC International Standard and that a product genuinely does have FSC approval. This means that Broekhof can start using and selling FSC-certified products. Customers will start seeing more of these in the Broekhof range over the coming months. 
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FSC is a good way of helping to protect woodlands worldwide. FSC also offers a good story which fits perfectly with the growing interest within the sector and amongst consumers in a greener, more environmentally friendly lifestyle. The use of sustainable packaging therefore has an instant positive effect on your business’s image.

View the FSC certificate of Broekhof.