Green Leaf

If you are a grower, supplier or florist that's looking for environmentally friendly packaging materials, Image titleyou’ve got it covered with Green leaf. Green leaf is the sustainable packaging range from Broekhof. This packaging perfectly meets the growing demands from both industry and the consumer for a greener and more environmentally friendly lifestyle. This also contributes to a positive corporate image.

Renewable and natural materials
Green Leaf packaging is made of renewable and natural materials such as elephant grass, agricultural waste products (inedible parts of plants) and biomass. It is produced in such a way that it is biodegradable. All the raw materials come from nature and return to nature through composting. In that way flowers and plants make the home and garden more beautiful whilst the packaging helps keep the environment healthy.

Green Leaf - a wider range!
The sustainable brand of Green Leaf was launched in 2016 as Broekhof’s sustainable packaging range with 100% industrially compostable items. The Green Leaf range has been expanded for 2018-2019. Besides 100% industrially compostable products, it now also offers biodegradable and home compostable products.

Bespoke Green Leaf solutions
The various raw materials for Green Leaf can be processed mechanically in various ways and therefore offer a variety of packaging options. These include sustainable flower and plant sleeves and sheets of film, as well as pot covers and labels. The material can be printed just like traditional film, including full colour.

Sustainability Index Green Leaf
In order to help you make (more) sustainable choices, we have drawn up a sustainability index. The items in this brochure each have a sustainability symbol.