Plant Puzzle®

Creative with plants! 
The DIY trend of the moment: make your own plant terrarium. Plant Puzzle® contains the basic elements you need to start your own mini-ecosystem. Your customers only need to add plants. Green fingers are not required. The simple instructions enclosed explain exactly how it works. A closed terrarium requires very little care and maintenance. The mini-ecosystem is self sufficient.

DIY plant terrarium
Plant Plant Puzzle® is a glass pot that is made from 100% recycled glass. This includes the basic elements - gravel, charcoal, dehydrated soil and a cork lid to close the glass – that guarantee the perfect environment for plants.  Everything is contained in a stylish display box. You only need to add the plants.
Stylish interior item
Plant Plant Puzzle® fits perfectly with the most recent trends. Ever more people are opting for a green interior, full of plants. The terrarium is a must have in every Urban Jungle interior. Plant Puzzle® is also educational and enormous fun. Getting creative with plants is super relaxing. Everyone needs a bit of relaxation in these super hectic times.
Delivery and options
Plant Plant Puzzle® is in stock. Also the display box and instructions can be fully customized to your requirements (minimum purchase is 2,500 units). Along with selecting your own print designs, you can also choose from a selection of glass jars. The box will be adapted to your requirements. Our experienced packaging designers are happy to work with you to create a distinctive design.
A special shipping package is in development for online orders. This packaging also accommodates plants, so that you can send customers a complete DIY package.
Benefits for your customer:
With Plant Puzzle® all of the pieces are in the right place:
✔ Creative
✔ Trendy
✔ Educational
✔ Low maintenance
✔ Sustainable

Contact your Broekhof Account Manager to discuss the many possibilities that Plant Puzzle® offers your company or order the DIY plant terrarium directly in our webshop: 
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