Broekhof continues to work on sustainability. That’s why we would like to inform you about which sustainable products are available and your options when it comes to recycling.

Sustainability tree
Using our ‘Sustainability tree’ you can see at a glance how we distinguish the main categories within our product range. Both Green Leaf and Blue Leaf ‘branches’ offer many options when making (more) sustainable choices. The products that come under Green Leaf and Blue Leaf have their own specific characteristics and degree of sustainability which enables you to make a well-informed choice. Please feel free to ask the advice of your account manager to help you make the best and most sustainable choice.

Packaging is an important means of communication
For a sustainable life cycle it is important for a packaging to be deposited in the right waste stream. The guidelines for waste separation vary by country, sometimes even by local council. You will be able to inform your end customer, the consumer, about the required waste separation by using logos on your packaging or in your communications which are commonly used in the relevant country.
Sustainability Tree